Recruitment Logo Design

Recruitment Logo Design Project

After being chosen to undertake a new branding exercise for a recruitment business, we came up with a range of concepts we felt would portray a modern, professional, yet approachable look & feel for the company.

The client didn’t have any ideas as to what they wanted, so we were working from a blank canvas, which is our preferred method as having creative freedom really can yield the best results!

Initial designs & feedback / revision stages

We showed a few options as to what we felt projected a fresh & modern image for the business, some ideas as below were:

1. Simple design using the name as the focal point and with a subtle indent at the footer to make the letter ‘e’ represent a person, linking it to recruitment visually.

2. The letters ‘P’ and ‘R’ back to back to form an abstract person, again linking it visually to the recruitment industry.

3. app icon style to really modernise the look, and a letter symbol which represents all initials in the company name.

4. Simple bold large ‘P’ with integrated lowercase ‘r’. Fresh and current.

recruitment design options

recruitment logo design options

Finalising the Design

We also showed the designs mocked up onto business cards to really get across how it could work in context and how well it can work on both light and dark backgrounds.

The chosen design was then finalised and produced in all formats to work on any background colour, and at any size required.

Recruitment Logo DesignRecruitment Logo Whiterecruitment logo on wall design

So, what is there to lose? Get started now and get the great image your business deserves!