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Logo Design. You get what you pay for

Yes, It’s a cliché, but for a good reason! This is true for most things, I’m sure like me you have bought a cheaper version of a product and soon after had to buy the same product, but a more expensive, higher quality version to replace it. The cheap product inevitably fails and now you have paid out twice. We live and learn.

Logo Design is no different, in fact 20% of our customers are clients who have had a design created within the past year and are now looking for a re-design due to ineffective branding.  Just as mentioned earlier, another case of having to pay out twice to get the right job done.

So why can’t you get the right design at a cheap price?

A clever logo design which you can use for the life of your business has to have a good deal of thought put into it, an experienced designer to make it stand off the page, and enough time spent on it to make it unique and 100% original to you and your business.

A low cost signifies only one of two things, an inexperienced designer starting out in the industry, or a high volume sales business which unavoidably would be lacking extensively in one on one customer service and talented designers with experience.

With high volume sales companies there is simply one goal, in and out as quick as possible, and with inexperienced designers, a design that anyone with a drawing program could produce.

Raw talent, experience and customer focus

If you pay a fair price for a design then the above is what you get. High volume is not the game, so pure customer care and focus is a key objective. We can spend a good deal of time on both the design work as well as caring for the client. Our designers are the best in the industry, so you can be sure your project will be handled by someone with a huge amount of raw talent and extensive experience in their field.

5 Reasons to get a logo design from us

1. Talent

Our logo designers have a minimum of 8 years experience in the industry, this is all we do day in day out. We know what works.

2. Trust

We have hundreds of excellent reviews from real clients on independent review site Trustpilot. In fact we are rated No.1 in the UK in their graphic design category.

3. Customer Care

We work with you one on one and we are always available to speak to directly either on the phone (direct dial to your designer, no call centres!) or via email 5 days a week.

4. Efficiency

We are skilled and therefore can turnaround designs and changes quickly for you, whereas most other companies will take around 3 working days to respond to a simple change or query, we respond that same day.

5. A Business partner for life

Not only do we set your business off on a great start with a perfect design, but we are always here to undertake any other design service your company needs. Clients come back to us continually for flyer designs, brochures, websites and more. We are your virtual marketing department!

Your business deserves the best image. Your logo is your clients first impression, your handshake of trust. Don’t fall at the first hurdle and get on track with the perfect design, take a look at our design portfolio to see what we could do for you and your business.


Look who we spotted with our logo on their van, only princess fiona!

Huge congratulations to Jumping Jacks, they have recently won 3 awards including an #SBS award from Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis, and a Princes Trust Award.

Jumping Jacks abc logo


Visit Jumping Jacks website here

We just finished creating a new logo for our client ‘toucandoo’. They offer fitness classes for everyone as well as kids & expectant mothers.

An adult & child toucan design were used along with a divider line curving around into a baby bump!